Industrial marketers understand their buyer’s behavior has changed dramatically in the last few years. Old sales & marketing methods no longer work as they used to. This blog is devoted to what does work for industrial marketers on the web.
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GlobalSpec Recommends Industrial Marketing Budgets Shift to Digital…and Branding

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I wrote a review and summary of GlobalSpec's 2013 Trends in Industrial Marketing on this blog in November of 2013. GlobalSpec's survey summarized what many of us know already. Most industrial marketers are moving budget dollars towards digital and the most effective digital strategies are multi-channel, including the strong presence of social media and content marketing

In the November post, I was amazed to find there was no mention of industrial branding and the need for it in The Age of Google.

Well...GlobalSpec's latest survey, 2014 Digital Media Use in the Industrial Sector finally recognizes the use of branding is slowly creeping into the industrial marketers' arsenal of weapons. 

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Can You Really Calculate ROI for Your Industrial Blog?

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Speaking from experience here.

Blogging is an expensive and time-consuming marketing effort. It is not an exercise in creativity.  Blogging will not hatch a bunch of Ernest Hemingway's.  A blog is not deployed to add more content to your web site. It is not for giving out tons of helpful information.  

Although your industrial blog may do all of the above... it really is about lead generation

Like other sales & marketing efforts, you need to know the potential ROI from your creative, time-consuming efforts.  If you are a junior marketing person, this exercise is important to demonstrate ROI to gain support from management.

Can you really calculate ROI from your industrial blog?  You bet.

Let us take a recent project we are working on for a B2B manufacturer & calculate the ROI.  For all the number geeks out there, these numbers are not exact, but they are realistic. Based on real conversations with the customer and my own knowledge, ROIs such these are achievable.

This post is designed to change your thinking and not heat up your calculator.  

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For Industrial Marketing Success, You Need a Hook, Reel & Landing Net on Your Web Site

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I think we can all agree that your website is now your most valuable and most customer-facing marketing asset...right? 

Then why does your industrial website and its home page look awkward, amateurish and unprofessional?  Some websites may even look terrific but they fail to reach their true potential as a lead generation machine.

Industrial marketers invest billions on their websites and digital marketing efforts, yet an amazing 90% of the web sites I have analyzed, using various grading software and my own experience, fail.  The primary ranking software I use is HubSpot's Marketing Grader. Marketing Grader takes a holistic approach to digital marketing, less focused on keywords. (The new paradigm based in Google's recent algorithm updates) In the past, I have used Raven, which takes a different approach and focuses entirely on keyword ranking.

           "The real problem isn't funding to do something new, but to get people to stop doing what isn't working"

                                                                        -Michael Brenner, Sr. Director of Global Marketing at SAP

In reviewing thousands of industrial websites, here are three critical categories I see missing for true online success. I broke all critical elements into three, digestible, categories: The Hook, The Reel and The Landing Net. 



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What Does Google’s Mission Statement Have to Do with Industrial Marketing?

industrial marketing and oatmeal raisin cookies

Google's primary mission is to build the "perfect search engine" that "understands exactly what you mean and gives back exactly what you want"

"With all our technologies--from search to Chrome to Gmail--our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to find the information you need and get the things you need to do done"

Imagine for a moment your favorite cookies from your Mother's kitchen.  Are your salivary glands watering yet?  Mine are...for my Mother's oatmeal raisin cookies.

Now, imagine you are starving after a long drive to your Mother's home and she meets you at the door with those warm delights and a smile only a Mother can offer. 

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Content vs Copywriting-How to Write Great Content for the Industrial Market

Beginners guide to industrial content marketing

I recently had one of the top writers in the area tell me that my blog posts were excellent.  This was a bit of a shock as I was just an OK writer in college. I really did not enjoy it or take any interest in it other than an opportunity to slam some NoDoz to stay up late and finish a paper.

As I became more involved in business and the need to communicate, I started to pay more attention to the art & science of writing. I was clearly into the art...the creative part.   The science or the grammar was more of a stretch. I did come to appreciate my solid English background at Huntington High School and Adrian College. Thanks Mr. Hayden & Dr. Ernst.

As an industrial internet marketer, I found within the last few years, that content marketing was becoming the new frontier for the savvy industrial marketer.  I knew that I would have to start a blog focused on the needs of industrial marketers interested in leveraging the web for lead generation. 

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Is Your Industrial Blog Just Blowing in the Wind? SEO Optimization is the Answer

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I love what I do.  I have a passion for helping industrial marketers leverage the web for lead generation. But I must admit, with Google making algorithm changes fasting than you can say, "panda sucks" it is difficult to keep up.

But let's quit bitching for a moment and stick to the basics when it comes to your most effective content marketing effort...your industrial blog.

The evidence is clear.  No matter what changes Google makes in the future you need quality content that your customers love & find helpful. But first you need to have a basic understanding of search engine optimization to make sure your Hemingway-like classic gets found first.

Before you develop your blog strategy and write your first blog post, put yourself in your customer's shoes. How would they search for your product or service? 

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Except for Handshakes…Traditional Industrial Marketing No Longer Works

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I am a "handshake" kind of guy. 

I prefer meeting my customers face-to-face.  My industrial customers are in the same boat...many prefer face-to-face meetings and all have built their businesses on personal relationships. Awesome.  I love it.  I probably spend more money on gas than I should, but I'm comfortable with that.  

The value in personal relationships has not changed nor will it change in the digital age of marketing for our industrial marketing friends.  

What has changed is the way your prospects and customers interact with your business, your sales group and marketing materials.

In Jared Fabac's recently published The Industrial (Marketing) Revolution and outlined in Chapter One, Lead, Follow, or Show Us the Way-The Death of Traditional Marketing, Fabac relates:

"If there's one big lesson for marketers in this recent turn of events, it's that the old forms of marketing have been underperforming for quite some time now and should not be tolerated as the primary part of your all-important media mix"

Let's just examine some of the traditional channels to the industrial market.

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How to Get Management Buy-in for Successful Industrial Content Marketing

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Frankly...if you don't have management buy-in you can forget about content or inbound marketing for your industrial company.  I recently started two content marketing campaigns for two industrial companies. One had full management buy-in, the other did not. One is moving forward successfully and one has stopped before we could we could get any good content deployed. I learned my lesson the hard way.

At first, business owners either get it or they don't.

However, owners and management can be convinced concerning the benefits of industrial content marketing or inbound marketing.

Just pretend you are selling them a new million dollar CNC machine. 

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How Long Will it Take for My Industrial Blog to Produce Results?

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In a blog post I wrote at the end of May I recounted a conversation I had with an old marketing friend about his former CEO taking down their new blog because it was not producing results.

What do think...was there ignorance or just lack of patience?  Probably both.

Patience I can't do much about, but ignorance can be handled quickly by this blog post.

First, results from your blog depend on the content saturation for your specific industrial niche. As Google and other search engines require more content to attract visitors each industrial marketer has a different wall to climb. Some industrial companies find increased content has a dramatically positive affect on their search rankings.  

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Industrial Marketing & Social Media…Do They Go Together? Watch This, Then Decide

industrial marketing and social media

A common question I get when meeting with an industrial customer is, "Tom, what about social media for our market?"

My answer is always the same.  "It depends"

It depends on a multitude of factors, the least of which is your company's stomach for change.

I guarantee most industrial marketers will watch this and say, "That does not apply to my market"



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