Industrial marketers understand their buyer’s behavior has changed dramatically in the last few years. Old sales & marketing methods no longer work as they used to. This blog is devoted to what does work for industrial marketers on the web.
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Want To Be # 1 In Google For Your Industrial Products? Blog About Costs

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I recently did an interview with Marcus Sheridan, one of the real leaders and evangelists for content marketing. 

Although my interview with Marcus was focused on the industrial market, we were able to have some private conversations before and after my on-camera interview while in Kalamazoo.

As many of you, I have watched several of Marcus's presentations and admired his success, particularly the way he turned around his, "really boring", pool company by simply blogging.  His formula for success was extremely simple. 

"They Ask, You Answer"  

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How Much Does an Industrial Web Site Really Cost?

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WARNING: This post is just over 2000 words. However, this is valuable information if you are considering investing in a new web site for your B2B industrial company.

This past week I had the pleasure of spending considerable time with some real pioneers in web marketing, Mark Jones, President of Amerifirst Mortgage, Dan Moyle, Amerifirst's Inbound Marketing Specialist and also Marcus Sheridan from River Pools and Sales Lion fame.

I know these businessmen well and know their success comes from looking well beyond the cost of building a web site. These companies have made content marketing a culture and their vision is paying huge dividends for all three organizations.

It is my hope that this article allows you to look well beyond the costs and think of your web site as a marketing asset and not an expense.

This is not theory.  This is a real marketing revolution.   

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When your brand is an ingredient…your content strategy needs to reflect that

The complexities faced by ingredient brands in embarking upon a content marketing strategy are the focus of a recent blog post by Kathy Baughman, president and co-founder of ComBlu.  She addresses those issues and discusses the benefits here in our first guest blog post.

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Marcus Sheridan on Life, Business & the Future of Industrial Marketing

Marcus Sheridan and Tom Repp, inbound marketing, industrial marketing

If you are involved in content marketing and have not heard of Marcus Sheridan you aren't really involved in content marketing.  Sorry.  

Marcus Sheridan was on the verge of bankruptcy in the depths of the 2008 recession and found HubSpot and content marketing and embraced the concept of content marketing and inbound marketing in order to, literally, save his business and his home.

Marcus is now one of the leading evangelists for HubSpot, content marketing or inbound marketing...whatever you want to call it. (If you worry about the semantics, you miss the point: The Difference Between Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing: Industrial Marketers Need to Know )

Marcus is an evangelist because he made content marketing a culture at his "boring" business in Virginia...fiberglass swimming pools.  His success is legendary. 

Industrial marketers, B2B manufacturers and industrial suppliers can find the same success that Marcus has.

I caught up with Marcus in Kalamazoo this past week and asked him about his journey and how his success relates to my industrial marketing friends. 

Enjoy!  This interview is about 13 minutes...but well worth your time. 

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The Greatest Lead Generation System Ever for B2B Manufacturers

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Long-tail keywords!

That's right, long-tail keywords might be the greatest lead generation gift B2B manufacturers have ever been given.

The concept of long-tail keywords was first written about in an article in Wired in the ancient year of 2004 by Chris Anderson.  Basically, it means a more descriptive keyword phrase where the web-user has more specific intent. Instead of "ice cream" he might search for "gluten-free fudge ripple ice cream".  Damn...that sounds good.

In Google's desire to provide the most relevant answers to their customers they are continually refining "semantic search". In other words, Google has trained web users to type in more specific questions.  For example, instead of typing in "hydraulic manifolds", web users now type in "semantic" search such as, "what kind of benefits can I expect using a custom hydraulic manifold for my laser cutting machine" The long-tail keyword in that question  or  "semantic search" is "custom hydraulic manifold for laser cutting" rather than just "hydraulic manifold".  See the difference?

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Why Not Give Your Web Site a Raise & Fire Your Sales Person?: 6 Disruptive Dynamics for Industrial & B2B Lead Generation

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Would you expect results from a $25K per year sales person?  Of course not.  Don't expect miracles from a low budget web strategy either.

Google has given the industrial marketer the opportunity to hire a lead generation machine...a real sales   professional and you don't even need to pay him benefits.

But you have to go through the same pain, due diligence, process, failure and euphoria you experienced when you hired your most valuable sales professional.

Sorry!  Google disrupts again. 

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Manufacturers Need to Know: How Are B2B Manufacturers Adapting to Content & Inbound Marketing [Report from Content Marketing Institute]

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Most of my customers know I am big believer in content marketing or inbound marketing for industrial lead generation. Typically the first question out of their mouth is, "How much does it cost?" or "Who else is doing it?"

In terms of costs, I wrote a blog about content marketing costs a couple months ago.  Check it out. terms of actual adaption here is a recent report from the Content Marketing Institute

Want to know how your competitors are using content marketing and what their struggles have been? Want to know if the content marketing thing actually works?  Want to know how well it works? Read their report right here:

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Still Skeptical about Blogging for Business? Escape for 1 Min. and Watch Tom Peters & Seth Godin Tell Why Industrial Marketers Need to Change. [YouTube video]

Seth Godin and Tom Peters on Blogging

For two years I have been, almost, yelling at our industrial marketing friends to start blogging. ( I think I actually scared a few of them into it.) Many industrial marketers have complained that their web site is not producing the leads that it once did.  I reply, "Then start blogging. Google wants you to prove your industry expertise.  Then Google will start ranking your site higher".

As Seth Godin said in an interview, back in 2008; "...the best SEO is great content".   The best way to get started creating great content?  Yep...start a blog.

Maybe this testimonial from Seth Godin and Tom Peters will get you off the mark. I remain hopeful.


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With Inbound or Content Marketing Your Industrial Brand Lasts Forever. Make Sure it is Right.

A Beginners Guide to Industrial Content Marketing, industrial branding

Many industrial marketers are sniffing around the web and talking to their peers wondering if this content marketing thing is for real.  With all the due diligence into inbound or content marketing comes the common question, "Do I need to pump up my industrial brand first?"


In my last post I talked about the importance of inbound marketing and the enduring qualities it has over traditional industrial marketing. If done properly, the content you deploy will stay around and will continue to send leads to your web site.  For example, I recently received a call from an interested prospect from a press release we did on over a year ago.

As I mentioned in my last post a helpful blog article about your specific capabilities will stay indexed in Google forever, just waiting to be served up to the next qualified lead that asks about the "custom hydraulic manifolds" your business builds.

So...not only does your content last forever, your brand theme lasts right along with it.

So your industrial brand message better be right. 

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Why Inbound Marketing Beats Traditional Industrial Marketing & Advertising…Hands Down

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I often get the question from industrial marketers curious about content marketing or inbound marketing, "Tom, what's the difference between regular advertising and content/inbound marketing for industrial?" (Want to know more, see me last blog). 

Typically, advertising is designed to make a sale. Right now. 

Think of all the cheesy ads you see on TV. "If you call in the next 10 minutes we will throw in FREE shipping", or "But wait, we are not done, call in the next 10 minutes and we will send you a second item FREE, just pay the shipping & handling charges."   Right!

Many ads will sell from fear.  Think of the insurance ads designed to get you to think about something that you would rather not think about, from Allstate's "Mayhem", to State Farm's "discount double check" to Nationwide's "Greatest Spokesman".   These ads are designed to interrupt you and get you to think about something unpleasant, often using fear to get you to act.

Harley Davidson takes a different approach. No one sells "The Dream" better than Harley. Think, "Ride hard or stay home"   One of my favorites is the guy behind a large amount of sweat and an old crappy lawnmower...looking very distracted.  The copy of the ad simply says, "Stop dreaming".

This is interruptive marketing at its best...or worst, depending on your point of view.

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