Industrial marketers understand their buyer’s behavior has changed dramatically in the last few years. Old sales & marketing methods no longer work as they used to. This blog is devoted to what does work for industrial marketers on the web.
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Industrial Marketers…Learn Linkedin From the Experts for FREE

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I have been encouraging our industrial customers for more than two years to build a corporate Linkedin  "Profile". I have encouraged them to embrace Linkedin as an efficient channel to industrial buyers...especially the younger ones.

The primary reason to use Linkedin is to "publish" your company's blog posts. You do have a corporate blog, don't you? As someone said recently, "A blog post is the fire, social media is the gasoline."  David Meerman Scott in his best-selling book, The New Rules of Marketing & PR, says, "Social media sure beats traditional advertising to get the word out."

In an effort to get more marketers to leverage the industrial lead-generation-machine the web has given them, we are releasing Learning Linkedin from the Experts with help from our friends at HubSpot.

DOWNLOAD now, Learning Linkedin from the Experts 

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6 Screw-ups Industrial Marketers Make Using Marketing Automation

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As in any endeavor, it certainly helps to have passion if you are to succeed. So it is with marketing automation for industrial marketers.  

Marketing automation is one those new shiny objects that attracts so many.  Just the phrase, "marketing automation" sounds euphoric to a busy industrial marketer.

Almost without exception, most industrial business owners struggle with marketing in general. They all tell me so. So...when a new strategy includes "marketing automation", their entrepreneurial brain shifts into overdrive.

The panacea they think it could is not. 

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10 Useless Things to Cut from Your (Industrial) Marketing

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I guess according to Malcolm Gladwell's popular "10,000-hours rule" I am an expert at web-based industrial marketing.  I have easily logged 10,000 hours of experience dating back to 1998...the early days of the web.

I have meet with hundreds of industrial business owners and marketers.  At almost every turn, I felt like a burial lot salesman. In most cases, I was dealing with a skeptical crowd.

Industrial marketers continue to be skeptical of all the new marketing opportunities: SEO, responsive web site design, link baiting, digital press releases, content marketing, inbound marketing, micro sites, blogging, analytics, paid search, mobile apps, social media....whheeeww.

They are confused. I don't blame them.  

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What is Keeping Industrial Marketers from Embracing Content Marketing?

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We recently started a content marketing campaign for a successful industrial manufacturing company.  Before we started content marketing we all agreed their brand message needed to be pumped up. This manufacturer is in a competitive and commoditized niche and we all felt that a stronger, more memorable brand theme that could stand out would be a content multiplier.  

We worked with a brand specialist and did some heavy duty industrial branding. We developed a brand theme that would be memorable and separate our customer from the "me-too" competitors. I required a brand theme that would not only separate our customer from the competition but also raise the bar internally.  I wanted a brand theme that could raise the expectations of the employees and help them understand their company's uniqueness compared to their competitors.

I believe we succeeded.  I would love to share the terrific brand theme we executed, but to protect the innocent it shall remain anonymous.

For our customer, we now had a memorable brand theme that had the potential to extend itself into plant floor, trade show booths, blog posts, videos, e-books, etc.  We are ecstatic.

We were just about to deploy new content based on our brilliant new brand theme.

Then we were fired. 

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4 Steps to Win the Visibility War for Your Industrial Brand, Says Google

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First, I was a web guy for the industrial market.  Then I become an SEO guy. Then I became a proponent of industrial branding, thanks to my friend Greg Miller at Maxwell+Miller agency, a branding specialist.

Early on, I never made the connection between an industrial brand and SEO visibility.  As I became more knowledgeable about industrial branding, it was apparent that industrial marketers were missing an important link to their prospects and customers. seems that Google has made the link for me, and the rest of the industrial world. 

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6 Misunderstandings Owners Have About SEO & Their Industrial Marketing Strategy

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Many times even the most astute business leader misses what is really going on right in front of her.

I was in a meeting last week with the President of a very successful B2B manufacturer. She is an engineer, but a very astute marketer as well. Three individuals from her sales & marketing team surrounded her.

SEO was the topic of conversation.  All four gave their opinions on the best way to improve site traffic and the number of leads to their web site. Most of their suggestions were wrong.  Not because they are stupid, just that the rules of the road have changed dramatically for SEO in the last few months. The ensuing conversations lead to this blog post.

"Let's do more SEO" 

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Industrial Marketers...Take a Stand On Your Whiskey

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One of my more enjoyable excursions during the year is a trip with my good friend Rick on our Harleys to Bourbon Country in Kentucky. Rick's Brother-in-Law lives in the Louisville area, is a respected local historian, and helps the bourbon distilleries with many of their exhibits at their respective visitor centers.

Rick's Brother-in-Law found this terrific commentary on whiskey from a Mississippi State Senator dating back to 1958.

I know many of my customers and marketing friends love an occasional snort of the "philosophic wine" or "oil of conversation", so I felt this was appropriate to stimulate a boring blog about industrial marketing.

Now...mind you, this is all business.  If you read my blog, you know that I, relentlessly, promote development of a long, strategic, view of your industrial brand.  Then...develop a brand theme around your company's unique strengths that resonates on the web and in the marketplace.

To accomplish that takes ample amounts of creativity.

One of the best ways to get those creative juices flowing is a little belt of my favorite whisky, bourbon. I know many of my industrial marketing friends feel the same.

Therefore, the interest of sound business practices, I felt this commentary about whiskey was, indeed, appropriate for this blog.


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Grease Your Industrial Brand Using Content Marketing. Here's How.

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How does a Midwest OEM manufacturer generate $200,000 in sales, a 2300% ROI on marketing investment?

How does a New York manufacturing company become the, top-of-mind awareness champion, for their industry?

How does a little 'ol swimming pool company in Virginia become a national leader in sales of fiberglass swimming pools?


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GlobalSpec Recommends Industrial Marketing Budgets Shift to Digital…and Branding

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I wrote a review and summary of GlobalSpec's 2013 Trends in Industrial Marketing on this blog in November of 2013. GlobalSpec's survey summarized what many of us know already. Most industrial marketers are moving budget dollars towards digital and the most effective digital strategies are multi-channel, including the strong presence of social media and content marketing

In the November post, I was amazed to find there was no mention of industrial branding and the need for it in The Age of Google.

Well...GlobalSpec's latest survey, 2014 Digital Media Use in the Industrial Sector finally recognizes the use of branding is slowly creeping into the industrial marketers' arsenal of weapons. 

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Can You Really Calculate ROI for Your Industrial Blog?

B2B lead generation, blogging for industrial

Speaking from experience here.

Blogging is an expensive and time-consuming marketing effort. It is not an exercise in creativity.  Blogging will not hatch a bunch of Ernest Hemingway's.  A blog is not deployed to add more content to your web site. It is not for giving out tons of helpful information.  

Although your industrial blog may do all of the above... it really is about lead generation

Like other sales & marketing efforts, you need to know the potential ROI from your creative, time-consuming efforts.  If you are a junior marketing person, this exercise is important to demonstrate ROI to gain support from management.

Can you really calculate ROI from your industrial blog?  You bet.

Let us take a recent project we are working on for a B2B manufacturer & calculate the ROI.  For all the number geeks out there, these numbers are not exact, but they are realistic. Based on real conversations with the customer and my own knowledge, ROIs such these are achievable.

This post is designed to change your thinking and not heat up your calculator.  

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